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ETD Administrator- Electronic Submissions

The ETD Administrator web-based tool saves time and builds efficiency into your dissertation approval process. Configurable to each institution’s workflow needs, it provides an online submission, review, and approval process for electronic theses and dissertations.

Using this tool, authors of dissertations or theses can now publish with ProQuest without the need to produce paper copies of their work. Authors can submit their manuscripts to the appropriate institutional staff for review, approval, and delivery to ProQuest in an efficient and cost effective way.

This tool is freely available to any institution to use.  Request a local site setup by submitting a case to ETD Support.  To review the tool, access the Demo Site:

For more information, navigate to the Submission Process and Unique Features pages.

Webinar Recordings


This webinar will walk through the step-by-step process a student will go through as they submit their dissertation or thesis.  It will identify resources and guidelines, ordered steps for submission, publication and copyright options, payment, and completion of submission. Duration: 21 minutes

This session will review essential functions in the ProQuest ETD Administrator site for administrators, including management of site settings and users, the process for communicating for revisions, submission options for dissertations and theses, and running reports.  Duration: 19 minutes

This session will summarize the optional Committee Review feature and its associated student, advisor, supervisor, committee chair, committee member, and ETD administrator workflows.  Duration: 7 minutes 15 seconds

This session explains and illustrates the most significant updates of 1st quarter 2022 for administrators using the ProQuest ETD Administrator tool.  Duration: 13 minutes

Quick User Guides


Support Center Articles


If you would like to inquire about the status of your submission after it has been approved and sent by the graduate school, you may contact our Author and School Relations group at Please include your manuscript ID with your query; the ID will have been included in the confirmation email sent to you by the ETD Administrator.