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ETD Administrator- Electronic Submissions: Home

The ProQuest ETD Administrator is a tool that provides ProQuest publishing partners (Colleges and Universities) the ability to deliver all approved dissertations and theses to ProQuest electronically.


About this page

This page is for the use of people interested in learning about  the ProQuest electronic submission tool - ETD Administrator. 

Using this tool, authors of dissertations or theses can now publish with ProQuest without the need to produce paper copies of their work. Authors can submit their manuscripts to the appropriate institutional staff for review, approval and delivery to ProQuest in an efficient and cost effective way.

Demo the ETD Administrator

Universities and colleges interested in a trial of the ETD Administrator can find the demo version here:

or by contacting ETD Support. Email: 

ProQuest ETD Administrator - Electronic Submissions

ProQuest has been providing delivery of dissertations and theses electronically since 2003. We have developed over 800 submission sites for institutions and close to 700 of those are active as of January 2017.  The ProQuest ETD Administrator is currently the most widely used submission tool.  

Advantages of Electronic Delivery of Manuscripts

Advantages of the ETD Administrator

  • The tool eliminates the need to ship or mail paper copies
  • Publication turnaround time is shortened with most electronically submitted material appearing in the PQDT database and 3rd party indexes (Chem Abstract, Eric, SOCIOFILE, etc.) within 6-8 weeks.
  • If a school opts to have its PDFs delivered to a library server, the electronically submitted PDF is available at the same time the material is delivered to ProQuest. Manuscripts are delivered to library servers via secured FTP.  The ftp delivery includes a PDFits xml file and supplemental files (audio, video, photos, data, etc.)
  • Electronic format does not change the range of services provided to the library. However, it increases service support to the graduate school because ProQuest will:
  1. Build the tool
  2. Maintain the tool
  3. Train to use it
  4. Provide technical support to the staff and students
  5. The tool captures and maintains permanent records under the control of the institution

All this is done at no cost to the institutions.   The basic publishing fees ($65.00/$55.00) is eliminated for authors whose institution uses the on-line submission tool. 


Additional Advantages of the ETD Administrator

Additional Advantages of the ETD Administrator:

ProQuest has the capacity to host web-based systems in a world-class data center.  The benefits of leveraging ProQuest as the Applications Service Provider (ASP) are numerous. 

  1. Outsourcing the hosting of web applications is cost-effective,
  2. Eliminates the need for highly skilled full-time IT personnel,
  3. We provide superior security and disaster recovery capabilities,
  4. 24x7 systems accessibility and ensures a high level of service.

ProQuest currently hosts its own and client web-based applications and has been doing so for over 8 years with monthly available uptime averaging over 99.5%. 

The benefits of this model are especially applicable to organizations with

  • IT personnel shortages or where there is regular employee turnover,
  • IT personnel due to retire and other factors results in a significant loss of institutional knowledge and skills.

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