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ETD Administrator- Electronic Submissions

Steps for Dissertation and Thesis Submission

Submission Process illustration

The submission process provides assurance that all of the critical areas needed for properly publishing a dissertation or thesis have been covered.  It includes the following steps:

  • Submit -- Authors will review all of the rules, guidelines, and options for publication and initially submit to administrators.
  • Review -- An assigned institutional administrator will review the submitted material to assure it has been properly formatted and submitted.
  • Revise & Approve -- Active communication takes place between author and administrator regarding any needed changes, followed by approval when completed.
  • Deliver --  Administrators submit all approved dissertations and theses to ProQuest, either individually or in batches.
  • Done -- ProQuest will process all received material and publish them according to agreement and in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses.

Submission Section Examples

Resources and guidelines page

Resources and Guidelines

Publishing options page

Publishing Options and Agreements

Creative Commons page

Creative Commons (Optional) -- U.S. Only

Contact information page.

Contact Information

Dissertation and thesis details page.

Dissertation / Thesis Details

Dissertation and thesis upload page.

Upload Dissertation / Thesis

United States copyright page.

Copyright -- U.S. Only

Copies and order page.

Order Copies

Order summary and submission page.

Summary / Submission