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ProQuest Platform

The ProQuest platform makes hundreds of full text and A&I (Abstracts & Indexes) collections available to researchers around the world. The ProQuest platform hosts multidisciplinary content containing scholarly journals, books, video & audio, dissertations & theses, newspapers and more. More on the Content page.

In addition, researchers will benefit from robust information management and workflow tools and functionality integrated into the platform, like the ability to cite results in numerous citation styles, save as a PDF or other document formats, save searches, and export documents to reference management tools like RefWorks.

Content discovery is an integral part of the ProQuest platform’s goal of driving better research outcomes for subscribing organizations and their users. An organization's ProQuest content is discoverable through Summon and Ex Libris Primo Central. You can also link to ProQuest from Google Scholar and PubMed. When available, researchers can find and use their organization's ProQuest ebook holdings alongside their ProQuest platform database content. Similarly, Academic Video Online (AVON) subscribers can also now discover and use their video content while searching the ProQuest platform databases or even selecting to search AVON on its own within the ProQuest platform. For more information, visit the Surfacing ebooks and video content on the ProQuest Platform, Administrator Resources and Support Center Articles section below.

For ProQuest platform updates see the Support Center Articles section below.

Basic Search


Basic Search

Objectives of this session: Create searches using keywords and limiters from the Basic Search screen; select specific databases to search; and recall where to find ProQuest Platform search tips. Duration: 7 minutes.

Search Strategy Tips

Objectives of this session: Incorporate search syntax into queries; Employ logical operators and proximity to focus a search query; 
Use truncation to efficiently incorporate word variations in a search. Duration: 7 minutes.

Publication Search

Objectives of this session: Search for publications on the ProQuest Platform, identify publication details including metrics from Journal Citation Reports, and browse or search within specific publications. Duration: 7 mins. 5 secs.

Advanced Search


Advanced Search

Objectives of this session: Locate and use easy to access searchable fields and indexes; Illustrate flexibility of Advanced Search across different collection sets; Organize searches of greater complexity and accuracy accessing Command Line and Thesaurus. Duration: 5 minutes


Objectives of this session: Select thesaurus options in order to locate relevant search terms. Derive terms from ProQuest Thesaurus and apply them to a search. Evaluate and use the discipline-specific thesauri available in select ProQuest database collections. Duration: 5.50 minutes

Working with your results


Search Results

Objectives of this session: Revise results to improve content relevancy; Examine typical result items and access incorporated research aids; Organize and Manage research content. Duration: 6 minutes

Output Options

Presentation on saving and delivering the results, saving Searches and creating Alerts.

Administrator Resources for the ProQuest Platform


Authentication Options and Improved Access

Customizing the ProQuest Platform Interface

Objectives of this session: Adjust ProQuest platform interface settings using the ProQuest Administrator Module. Duration: 5 minutes


Objectives of this session: Brand the ProQuest interface with logos, text and links; Add widgets such as instant messaging or chat; Implement branding in prints and downloads. Duration: 3.5 minutes

Creating a Custom URL

Objectives of this session: Create specialized login links to select databases or subjects; Define settings for the custom login URLs. Duration: 4 minutes

Creating Links to Publications

Objectives of this session: Create custom links to select publications; Make publication links accessible to searchers. Duration: 4.5 minutes

Usage Reports