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Queen Victoria's Journals

Browse Options

There are two browse options, the first (top box) allows users to browse by Journal Version or Date, the second option allows users to browse by name or place and find the associated Journal entries. 

Users can also see the information from the Browse Names and Places from links in the journals shown at the bottom of this page.

Browse Journals by Version or Date

browse by date or journal versionClick to select the journal version (which filters to the dates available in that version) and then by the date.

Alternately, select the year and date to see the journal entry for that date. 

Browse Journals by Names and Places

browse by names and placesUse the menu option for Browse Names and Places to learn more about the people and places Queen Victoria wrote about.

names entryAfter the name has been selected, there is an entry with names etc. 

At the bottom of the entry is a link to journal entries mentioning that name/place.

Accessing Browse Information from the Journal Entry

using the hyperlinks to the browse informationThe transcripts of the Journal Entries show links users can mouse over to find out more information about the person or place mentioned.