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Queen Victoria's Journals

Search Results

search results pageSearch results contain the date of the entry and the location at which Queen Victoria wrote the entry.

Note at the top of the page the search terms are listed.  Directly under the search terms users have the ability to change the results order.  And just under that is the ability to change from 20 to 50 results.

To the right of the results list is the a box with several filters you can use.

Viewing the Journal Entry

viewing the journal entryFrom the Search Results click through to the journal entry.  

In the upper right corner is a link to return to the search results. 

Over the journal image are links to other copies/transcripts.  The version viewed has red type, other available versions will have black type. 

Just over the transcription are links to the previous and next journal entries.

To the right of the transcription is a scroll bar to use when entries maybe long. 

At the bottom of the transcription are links to the previous and next pages of the journal entry.  And just below that is a link to the transcript for the entire entry (some entries go for several pages).

Under the journal image are options to use to see the image - zoom in, turn image etc. 


Note:  When going from the Results Page to the Journal Entry, it can be useful to know that the interface brings users to the first page of the Journal Entry.  Terms that were searched for may occur on a following page. 


Accessing Browse Information from the Journal Entry

using the hyperlinks to the browse informationThe transcripts of the Journal Entries show links users can mouse over to find out more information about the person or place mentioned.