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Statistical Insight



A single field                           


Search word(s) occurring in the title field, notation of content, single paragraph in abstract, a single table description, a single table record. This search is identical to the Basic Search.

All fields except full text           

Searches all fields, except tables and PDFs.

All fields including full text           

Searches all fields including tables and PDFs.


Document Title

The term must appear in the title of the document.


Table Title       

Opens an option for you to select all tables associated with a search result, or tables that match your search.



Any document found by your query must have come from the specified

source or publisher.


Document number      

Searches both the accession number and the SuDoc number. (SuDoc, which stands for Superintendent of Documents, is a classification number assigned to federal documents by the Government Printing Office).


Subject/Index Terms   

Enables you to type a keyword and then click Find to browse through a specialized thesaurus to find the subject and index terms that are most relevant to the information you are searching.