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Global Newsstream: About

Access to the most influential and respected contemporary news resources from around the globe—from today’s news to backfiles dating back to the 1980s


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What is Global Newsstream?


Global Newsstream provides access to the most influential and respected contemporary news resources from around the globe. This comprehensive contemporary news collection delivers superior access to current, full-text news sources including newspapers, newswires, news journals, television and radio transcripts, blogs, podcasts, and digital-only websites. There are no paywalls, and most content loads same day — oftentimes by 8 AM U.S. Eastern time.

Key U.S. National Titles

  • The New York Times (backfile from 1980 forward)
  • The Wall Street Journal (from 1984 forward)
  • The Washington Post (from 1987 forward)
  • Los Angeles Times (from 1985 forward)
  • Chicago Tribune (from 1985 forward)
  • Boston Globe (from 1997 forward)
  • Newsday (from 1995 forward)
  • The Wall Street Journal Online
  • Politico
  • ProPublica
  • Huffington Post
  • CNN Newswires

Key International Titles

  • The Straits Times (backfile from 1995 forward)
  • The Guardian (backfile from 1996 forward)
  • Financial Times (backfile from 1996 forward)
  • The Globe and Mail (backfile from 1977 forward)
  • The Age (backfile from 1996 forward)
  • El Mundo (backfile from 2008 forward)
  • Toronto Star (backfile from 1985 forward)
  • South China Morning Post (backfile from 1993 forward)
  • Asian Wall Street Journal (backfile from 1985 forward)

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