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Early Modern Books

Early Modern Books covers printed material from the British Isles and Europe for the Early Modern period (1450-1700). An integrated search across both Early English Books Online (EEBO) and Early European Books (EEB) allows scholars to view materials from over 225 source libraries worldwide.

For more information about Early Modern Books, navigate to the Content Page.
Early Modern Books resides on the ProQuest Platform. For more information, see the ProQuest Platform LibGuide.

E-Learning Modules


Description:  This session covers Early Modern Books, it's content (including brief descriptions of Early English Books Online and Early European Books), how to search using subject classifications, and how to view items within the database. - Duration: 5 minutes 

Intended Audience: Anyone new to or interested in Early Modern Books

Webinar Recordings


Short introduction to Early Modern Books, its components: Early English Books Online and Early European Books and a sample of an integrated study between the two. Duration: 15 Minutes.

This recorded webinar introduces content available in Early Modern Books and identifies key search techniques to help you locate desired content. Duration:  30 minutes.

Additional Resources


Download 68 brand new Case studies by the St Andrews University (2021 - 148 pages):

Indexing resources shared between EEB and EEBO