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British Periodicals

British Periodicals Content

British Periodicals offers facsimile page images and searchable full text for nearly 500 British periodicals published from the seventeenth century through to the twentieth.  By providing digital access to the key primary source serials from this period, British Periodicals opens up research to a much wider audience. This uniquely powerful multidisciplinary database gives students and researchers a clear pathway to an exhaustive body of content previously unavailable online. All of this material is available in page image format with fully searchable text. Users can filter results by article type and download articles as either PDFs or JPEG page images.

  • The Periodical Press
  • Victorian periodicals
  • Popular culture
  • Literary Journalism
  • Essays and Belles-Lettres
  • Illustrated Periodicals
  • Literary Criticism
  • Political Satire
  • Politics / Political Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Serial Fiction / Serialized Fiction / Serial novels / Serialized novels
  • Slavery and Anti-slavery movements
  • Temperance
  • Religion and Theology
  • Methodism
  • English Poetry
  • Book reviews
  • Science
  • Economics
  • Bibliography
  • Sport
  • English literature / English writing / English periodicals
  • Scottish literature / Scottish writing / Scottish periodicals
  • Irish literature / Irish writing / Irish periodicals
  • Women's literature / Women's writing
  • Theatre / Theater / Drama
  • Seventeenth-century literature / Seventeenth-century writing / Seventeenth-century periodicals
  • Eighteenth-century literature / Eighteenth-century writing / Eighteenth-century periodicals
  • Nineteenth-century literature / Nineteenth-century writing / Nineteenth-century periodicals
  • Twentieth-century literature / Twentieth-century writing / Twentieth-century periodicals
  • Advertisements

Collection Information

British Periodicals Collection components

British Periodicals is divided into the following collections: 

BRITISH PERIODICALS COLLECTION I consists of more than 160 journals that comprise the ProQuest microfilm collection Early British Periodicals, the equivalent of 5,238 printed volumes containing approximately 3.1 million pages. Topics covered include literature, philosophy, history, science, the fine arts, and the social sciences.

BRITISH PERIODICALS COLLECTION II consists of more than 300 journals from the ProQuest microfilm collections English Literary Periodicals and British Periodicals in the Creative Arts together with additional titles, amounting to almost 3 million pages. Topics covered include literature, music, art, drama, archaeology, and architecture.

BRITISH PERIODICALS COLLECTION III extends the scope of British Periodicals by focusing on the first half of the twentieth century.  The titles are from the prestigious stable of illustrated periodicals known as the “Great Eight” in British publishing history. They are considered to be among the foremost popular periodicals of the period and were highly influential in their mix of news/politics, miscellany, art, photography, literature and comedy/satire, while launching the careers of many leading artists/illustrators of the age.

BRITISH PERIODICALS COLLECTION IV builds on Collection III by continuing the expansion of the programme into the twentieth century, offering full archival coverage of many of the leading magazines of the period, including The Field (1853-2005), Tribune (1937-2005), Answers (1888-1955), and Wide World Magazine (1898-1965).

Coverage note: The policy for Collections III and IV is to include every issue in full, from the first through to 2005 (or the publication ceased date, whichever is first). Due to the rarity of some of the original print volumes, however, there are small gaps (issues or pages) in the runs of some publications. Collections I and II offer deep backfile coverage from the first issue for most publications, but reflect the coverage of their source microfilm collections where some publication runs are partial and there are small gaps (issues/pages) within some runs.