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NAACP Papers: The NAACP's Major Campaigns—Legal Department Files

NAACP Papers: The NAACP's Major CampaignsLegal Department Files

This module consists of Papers of the NAACP Legal Department from 1956-1972. For the period from 1956-1965, this includes the working case files of the NAACP’s general counsel, Robert Carter. Among the topics covered in these cases are school desegregation, abuses of police procedure, freedom of speech, desegregation of public facilities, voting rights, housing discrimination, and employment discrimination. The files include the background correspondence of NAACP attorneys as well as court documents, including transcripts of court proceedings. A small sampling of the important cases in this module include NAACP v. Alabama (freedom of association), Gomillion v. Lightfoot (voting rights), Allen v. County School Board and Griffin v. County School Board (school desegregation in Virginia), Ogletree v. McNamara (employment discrimination), and Powell v. McCormack (seating of Congressman Adam Clayton Powell in the U.S. House of Representatives).

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Major Cases

Major Cases, cont.

Major Cases, cont.

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