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History Vault

History Vault provides access to millions of primary source, cross-searchable, full-text/full-image documents on the most widely studied topics in 19th and 20th-century American history. 

History Vault modules and Subject Groups

History Vault is arranged into a series of modules, organized around main topics. New modules are launched every year. For more information about History Vault's modules and subject groups, navigate to the Content Page, where you will find them listed by issue date, by subject group and more.

Case Studies and Resource Guides


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Webinar Recordings


This webinar explores the organizational framework of the product.  No previous experience with History Vault is required.  Duration:  27 minutes

This webinar shows examples of research that utilized History Vault and explores the applications of this resource. Duration 18 minutes.

This webinar provides an History Vault overview and examples of researching women's involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. Duration: 20 minutes.