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History Vault

Exporting to Citation Management Software

ProQuest History Vault is compatible with two citation management applications, RefWorks and EndNote.

To use either of these applications, you must have a license for them. For more information, consult the applications’ Web sites.

To export to RefWorks or to the local or web versions of EndNote:

  1. Select one or more documents
  2. Click on the Save/Share button, choose either RefWorks, EndNote (local) or EndNote (web)

Citing your documents in History Vault

If you don't have citation management software, citing documents in History Vault can be a challenge!  There are many guides from other libraries and archives that have information on citing archival sources that provide assistance, a few of these guides are listed here.  

Please also be sure to ask the librarian at your institution for assistance, and be sure you know the citation style your faculty member uses so you are sure to include the correct elements.

Saving Searches or Documents to your Profile

If you have a History Vault Profile (see User Profiles to learn how to get one), you can bookmark you search or documents you have found so you can access the information later. To do this, you’ll need to be logged into your profile.  

See the information on the User Profiles tab in this guide for more information

Email citations

The Save/Share button dropdown list also enables you to email selected results to yourself or another recipient.

The Email option opens a form on which you fill out the email address, subject line and any comments. Links to any citations you selected are also attached. The recipient will be able to view the abstract for the citation, but he or she will have to log in to ProQuest History Vault to be able view the full text.

Print a Record of the Document

ProQuest History Vault can provide a research record of the documents you choose suitable for printing.

To use this feature, select one or more documents in the Document List, and then from the Save/Share button, select Print Record.

This opens a new window that contains a link to send the record to your printer.

The record contains the following information about each of the documents you selected:

  • Collection Title: The title of the collection in which the document is included.
  • Descriptive Title: Description of the contents of the archival folder
  • Durable URL: A URL you can always use to return to the document (provided you have
  • access to History Vault.)
  • Folder ID: The web folder in which the document is included. This is usually part of the URL.
  • Date: The date the document was published
  • Source Institution: The institution from which ProQuest acquired the document.
  • Folder Level Terms: controlled vocabulary index terms that apply to the contents of that particular folder
  • Collection Level Terms: controlled vocabulary index terms that apply to the majority of folders in that particular collection