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The eLibrary® database efficiently guides novice researchers to identify research topics and find authoritative information to support research. Presented on the award-winning ProQuest platform, eLibrary offers two methods of access: a custom Guided Research application, and as part of the unified platform, assuring fit-for-purpose use. The responsively-designed user interface offers access on any device at any time and users can cross-search eLibrary with other ProQuest databases, improving your library’s return-on-investment.

For more information about eLibrary, navigate to the Content Page.

For handouts and teaching activities for eLibrary, navigate to the K-12 Education Coursepack LibGuide.

eLibrary resides on the Guided Research Application and ProQuest Platform. More information on the ProQuest Platform is available on the ProQuest Platform LibGuide.

E-Learning Modules


This session will explain the content of eLibrary and illustrate its major student and educator features.  By the end of this session you will be able to: differentiate the structure, content, and purpose of Research Topics; select and utilize search options and results; and locate and choose resources for enhancing student research and educator engagement. Duration: 6 min

All ProQuest K-12 resources offer integrations with outside cloud or learning services.  eLibrary and SIRS provide integrations for cloud services Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive, and the classroom education tool Google Classroom.  CultureGrams provides integration for cloud service Google Drive, and the classroom education tool Google Classroom.  This session applies to how these integrations work within all ProQuest K-12 resources. Duration: 3 min

Webinar Recordings


Webinar title: Getting Started with eLibrary

Description: This webinar will look at eLibrary and demonstrate how to find information about historical and current events around the world. eLibrary provides age-appropriate content for students in grades 6-12.

By then end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the Guided Research topics
  • Demonstrate curricular uses for eLibrary
  • Introduce students to research and citation methods

Duration: 15 minutes

Powerpoint Presentations


Teaching Activities


For handouts and teaching activities, navigate to the K-12 Education Coursepack LibGuide.