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U.S. Military Intelligence Reports, 1911-1944

U.S. Military Intelligence Reports, 1911-1944  (Module 18)

U.S. Military Intelligence Reports offer comprehensive documentation of developments and events in the key nations of the world during the period from World War I to the final campaigns of World War II.

After World War I, the U.S. military developed a sophisticated intelligence gathering capability. Concerned with much more than strictly military intelligence, American military attaches and their staffs reported on a wide range of topics, including the internal politics, social and economic conditions, and foreign affairs of the countries in which they were stationed.

The following countries are covered in U.S. Military Intelligence Reports: China; France; Germany; Italy; Argentina; Mexico; Soviet Union. The module also includes Biweekly Intelligence Summaries for 1928-1938 and Combat Estimates for Europe and the Western Hemisphere.

Soviet Union

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