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Progressive Era: Voices of Reform

Progressive Era:  Voices of Reform [1875-1945]  (Module 49)

This module joins the growing sets of records in History Vault on the Progressive Era, one of the major reform eras in American History. The collections in this module consist of the correspondence, writings, speeches, diaries and photographs of five leading members of the Progressive movement: John R. Commons, Charles R. Van Hise, Richard T. Ely, Edward A. Ross and Charles McCarthy. Individually and collectively, these men proved they were more than idealists by devising and carrying out major reforms to solve the problems caused by the growth of industrialization following the Civil War. This module offers valuable insight into both the theorizing and practical legislation of the Progressive Era.

  • Charles McCarthy Papers
  • Charles R. Van Hise Papers
  • Edward A. Ross Papers
  • John R. Commons Papers
  • Richard T. Ely Papers