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Revolutionary War and Early America

Revolutionary War and Early America: Collections from the Massachusetts Historical Society (1721-1860)  (Module 50)

The success of the musical Hamilton has led to increased interest in this pivotal period in American history. This module on one of the most-studied periods in American history consists of 26 collections from the holdings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, the first North American historical society and the first library to devote its primary attention to collecting Americana. The collections digitized by ProQuest from the holdings of the Massachusetts Historical Society focus on the Colonial Era, the Revolutionary War and the Early National Period, with some collections extending into the Civil War era.

Artemas Ward Papers, 1721—1953
Benjamin Lincoln Papers, 1635—1964
Byles Family Papers, 1757—1837
Caleb Strong Papers, 1657—1818
Elbridge Gerry Papers, 1744—1895
Ezekiel Price Papers, 1754—1785
French And Indian War Orderly Books
Governor Jonathan Belcher Letter Books, 1723—1754
Hancock Family Papers, 1728—1830
Israel Williams Papers, 1730—1785
John A. Andrew Papers, 1772—1895
John Thomas Papers, 1693—1839
Louisbourg Papers, 1744—1758

Mascarene Family Papers, 1687—1839
Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society Papers, 1792—1970
Meshech Weare Papers, 1776—1786
Oliver Family Papers, 1419—1946
Pre-Revolutionary Diaries, 1635—1774
Revere Family Papers, 1746—1964
Revolutionary War Orderly Books, 1775—1783
Robert Treat Paine Papers, 1730—1814
Samuel Cabot Papers, 1713—1858
Smith-Carter Family Papers, 1669—1880
Smith-Townsend Family Papers, 1670—1892
Timothy Pickering Papers, 1758—1829
William Livingston Papers, 1695—1839