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SIRS Issues Researcher

SIRS Issues Researcher provides authoritative insight into the most-studied social issues by delivering the pros and cons from relevant, credible documents and graphics selected by trained editors and curated from over 2,000 global sources.

For more information about SIRS Issues Researcher, navigate to the Content Page.

For handouts and teaching activities for SIRS Issues Researcher, navigate to the K-12 Education Coursepack LibGuide.

SIRS Issues Researcher resides on the ProQuest Platform. More information on the ProQuest Platform is available on the ProQuest Platform LibGuide.

E-Learning Modules


These training modules are intended for middle and high school educators along with community college staff who utilize SIRS  Issues Researcher for research, presentations and pro/con debate.

This session provides an overview of the SIRS Issues Researcher Guided Research interface, major content sets, research tools, and essential functions for enhancing student research and educator engagement.  Duration:  4.5 minutes

This session applies to how outside cloud and learning services work within all ProQuest K-12 resources.  Duration:  5 minutes 57 seconds

Webinar Recordings


Webinar Title: Product Education: SIRS Issues Researcher 

Description:  This webinar will look at SIRS Issues Researcher and demonstrate how to find information about current events and leading issues around the world.  By the end of this session, you will be able to

  • Navigate topics using Guided Research
  • Examine pros and cons of a leading issue
  • Introduce students to research and citation methods

Duration:  13 minutes

Powerpoint Presentations


Teaching Activities and Handouts


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