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Music and Dance Online

In this page we will show the unique features for Music and Dance Online. Go to the Alexander Street Multimedia Platform LibGuide for a complete guide to Alexander Street Multimedia's search and display features.

Unique Facets for Browsing and Filtering

Music and Dance Online search results have unique facets to refine the search. Examples of some of these facets include: 

  • format (audio, video, text, etc.)
  • content types (music recording, scores, biography, documentary, photograph, etc.)
  • instrument played (voice, chorus, trumpet, piano, cello, etc.)

Some of these facets only appear when specific sub-collections are searched, such as Music Online: Classical Scores Library. Others appear for all of Music and Dance Online, such as those in the example below under "Refine Your Search." 

Screenshot of Music and Dance Online results with facets


Advanced Search

Music and Dance Online Advanced Search also has various facet options. These change depending on which Discipline is selected on the left side of Advanced Search. In the screenshot below, the Advanced Search options reflect the selection of Dance under Music & Performing Arts.

Screenshot of Dance Advanced Search

Exam Playlist

If you're an educator who would like to use an audio playlist during an exam, you can create an Exam Playlist. In this type of playlist, all of the track metadata (such as title, artist, etc.) is hidden. 

Screenshot of Exam Playlist 

For more information, check out this video and handout...

This video and PDF show you how to create an audio clip, add tracks to a playlist, hide the metadata for the playlist so it can be used for exams, and share the playlist with students. Duration: 4 minutes, 15 seconds