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Nursing & Allied Health Premium

Nursing & Allied Health Premium provides comprehensive and multi-media coverage of the fields or nursing and allied health, as well as alternative and complementary medicine.  Research and learning information is presented from leading scholary and trade journals, books, full-length training videos, reports, pamphlets and ephemeral works, and websites.

For more information about the Nursing & Allied Health Premium, as well as ProQuest's related database, Nursing & Allied Health Database which is provided within ProQuest multi-database collections, navigate to the Content page.

Nursing & Allied Health Premium resides on the ProQuest Platform. For more information visit the ProQuest Platform LibGuide.

E-Learning Modules

Finding Videos and Publications

This module explores how to locate training program video content, how to share training program video content with students or colleagues, and how to discover and search specific nursing publications.  Duration: 4 minutes

NOTE:  The learning module above addresses Nursing & Allied Health Database.  There are some differences in Nursing & Allied Health Premium.  For more information, go to the Content page.


PICO(T) Search Strategies

This module explores how to use the Advanced Search facets to address PICO(T) questions and how to use the thesauri to identify subjects relevant to the PICO(T) question.  Duration: 4 minutes

Prerequisite: Prior to this module, it is recommended that you complete the Basic and Advanced Search modules for the ProQuest Platform found on the ProQuest Platform LibGuide:


Webinar Recordings


This session will provide an overview that identifies and examines the most crucial content and research tools within Nursing & Allied Health Premium.  Duration: 33 minutes

This session discusses locating evidence-based sources within Nursing & Allied Health Premium. Tips for embedding this content and these search techniques within a course are also provided.  The session is designed for librarians and faculty working with undergraduate and graduate students. Duration: 31 minutes