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Periodicals Index Online (PIO)

Periodicals Index Online is an index to articles from thousands of journals within the arts, humanities and social sciences covering the period 1665-2000. 

Provides access to the contents pages for every issue of over 10,000 journals, from their inception to 1995 or 2000, and includes separate records for over 67 million journal articles (with over 2M documents dating from 2001 to 2015), across 37 key subject areas and 66 languages and dialects.

Journals must fall within one or more of the 37 subject areas in the humanities and social sciences.

The periodicals included are several types:

  • Scholarly Journals‎
  • Magazines‎
  • Historical Periodicals‎
  • Trade Journals‎
  • Newspapers‎
  • Reports‎
  • Historical Newspapers‎

Periodicals Index Online began as a collaboration with Harvard University Library in 1991 and it’s now the largest index in the humanities and social sciences.

Use Periodicals Index Online to help you:

  • Save time by surveying the existing scholarship in your field comprehensively, without time-consuming work with multiple indexes (including print). PIO indexes the whole run of a title from the first issue through to 1995 or the last issue (whichever is earliest).
  • Search a vast – and growing – number of article citations.  Over 65 million index records are currently available and around 800,000 are added each year.
  • Find international and multi-disciplinary research, with 37 subject areas covered and 66 languages and dialects represented.
  • Discover older journal content not included in other indexes. PIO has a deep chronological coverage going back over 300 years
  • Explore not only journals from academic presses but also those titles that were originally published as popular reading but now provide valuable research materials for scholars.
  • Cross-search PIO with Periodicals Archive Online (PAO) or any other historical or current content available in the ProQuest platform, such as newspapers, dissertations, full text articles, bibliographical databases, etc.

ProQuest Digital Archives indexed in PIO

PIO now not only indexes entirely the periodicals archived in PAO, but also those included in several more ProQuest Historical Periodicals or Magazine Archives:

American Periodicals Men’s Magazine Archive
British Periodicals News, Policy & Politics Magazine Archive + Newsweek
Art & Architecture Archive Periodicals Archive Online (PAO)
Country Life Archive Religious Magazine Archive
Education Magazine Archive The Rolling Stone Archive
Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive The Vogue America Archive
The GQ Archive The Vogue Italia Archive
The Harper's Bazaar (US & UK) Archive Women’s Magazine Archive
Health & Fitness Magazine Archive The Women's Wear Daily Archive
LGBT Magazine Archive Youth and Popular Culture Magazine Archive