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ProQuest One Psychology

ProQuest One Psychology Content

ProQuest One Psychology includes authoritative content that supports the diverse requirements of many user groups from undergraduate students to advanced researchers. Content types include:

  • Scholarly journals,
  • Therapy videos,
  • Counseling transcripts,
  • News,
  • Dissertations, and more.

The content has been organized to allow users to find information faster and explore topics more deeply. Topic pages provide students with a one-stop-shop view of a topic and help faculty develop course content for assignments and discussion. There are six classes of topic pages aligned to the most common areas of study: presenting issues, therapeutic approaches, research concepts, featured topics, historical psychological experiments, and tests & measures. Subject coverage includes:

  • Abnormal psychology
  • Addiction
  • Death & dying
  • Health literacy
  • Life expectancy
  • Parents & parenting
  • School counseling
  • Violence

Integration with American Psychological Association (APA) Products

Customers who subscribe to APA products on the ProQuest Platform will see content integrated into ProQuest One Psychology. APA results are clearly marked in search results and will be incorporated into topic pages as well. APA subscribers will also have access to the APA Thesaurus and advanced search functionality within ProQuest One Psychology. 

The combination of trusted APA databases with ProQuest One Psychology provides a single solution for research and learning.

Samples of Content from ProQuest One Psychology

Screenshot showing the video player with a searchable, scrollable transcript.

Video from Traumatology Institute

Video content includes a scrolling, searchable transcript.

Screenshot showing a counseling transcript on the ProQuest Platform

Counseling Transcript

Use counseling transcripts to discuss therapeutic approach and best practices.

First page of a scholarly journal from The Lancet.

Scholarly Journal from The Lancet

Scholarly journals from key publishers.

First page of a dissertation from the University of Nebraska

Dissertations & Theses

Access dissertations, theses, and other forms of gray literature.

Screenshot from Psychology Today.

Article from Psychology Today

Analyze how topics are discussed in popular sources such as Psychology Today.