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Dialog Solutions

About Dialog Solutions

DialoSolutions offers a suite of products that support Dialog Solutions logo

and enhance precision insights & specialized workflows. 

  • Dialog
  • Drug Safety Triager (DST)
  • PinPoint
  • Dialog Alert Manager
  • Literature Review Services
  • Alert and Search Management

About Dialog

Dialog is a leading provider of over 140 databases of premium content. Dialog Solutions logo

Our powerful search engine enables precision search functionality increasing productivity and efficiency.

Dialog Provides:

  1. One unified search interface that includes basic, advanced, and command modes
  2. Advanced and command line search modes support complex, multi-set strategies
  3. Multiple output formats including: RTF/PDF/HTML/TXT/XLS/RIS/XML
  4. New Alerts Manager Tool that allows you to Create, Edit and Manage all your Alerts
  5. Medical Synonyms feature makes it easy to identify additional terms
  6. Terms mapping available in Medline and Embase