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Dialog Solutions: Alerts Manager

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The New Alerts Manager on Dialog - Quick Guide

What you can do with the New Alerts Manager

  • Discrete lists for active, inactive and deleted alerts
  • Create new alerts, Inactivate, Reactivate, Delete alerts
  • Bulk alert edit-email recipients
  • Filtering to the alerts lists - search the Search strategy
  • Edit alert strategies and alert metadata
  • Edit database selections (by strategy or set) and filter databases for quick selection
  • Search result counts
  • Save as (create a copy of an existing alert)

From the Home Page or the Alert Page:

Look at short videos showing the New Alert Manager live:

For updates on what has been newly added, refer to the page Full Release Notes also reachable within the Alert Manager itself. (What's New link on the top right corner of any page in the New Alerts Manager.)

Alerts Manager Home Page

In the Alerts Manager Home Page Alerts are listed as Active, Inactive and Deleted.

Alert Manager Home Page with Alerts list

Alerts can be deleted and reactivated, can be edited in bulk and can be searched via the Search filters.

Filtering the Alert Lists

In the alerts lists, you can now filter by the following elements:

  • Alert Title
  • Email Subject
  • Recipient Emails
  • Search Syntax (text strings in your alert search strategies)

Search filters in the Alerts list

Bulk Editing

Bulk Actions for email recipients
You can add and remove recipient email addresses in multiple alerts at once.Each alert now has a checkbox to the left of its name. Check the boxes of the alerts you wish to edit, and press 'Bulk Actions'

Bulk Edit - selet alerts to be edited

A side panel will appear allowing you to make bulk update actions. Today we allow adding and removing additional recipients.

panel appearing where the change/add/delete recipients and apply edit

Press ‘Apply Updates’ and observe the progress in the updates bar and in the checkbox column:

list of alerts to be edited showing progress

The progress bar will keep you up to date while you go on to other work!

Navigation to and from the Alerts Manager

The New Alerts Manager can be reached easily from any page in ProQuest Dialog

Navgation to the Alert Manager from anywhere on PQDialog

or from the Legacy Alerts Manager in My Research:

Navigation to the New Alert Manager from the legacy one in My Research

From the New Alerts Manager you can easily return to searching on ProQuest Dialog or to My Research:

navigation from the Alerts Manager back to searching or My Research

Alert Editor page

Alert Creation/Edit page. Strategies can be modified, more sets created in the middle or at the end of the strategy. The selection of Databases can also be changed here.

Alert creation or strategy editing

In the Alert Details section all the other Alert metadata can be edited: Name, recipient(s), frequency, record format, etc.

With Save as new an Alert can be cloned with modifications and a new alert created.

Search Result counts

Get results counts for the sets within your alert search strategy:

Edit Databases

To edit databases in your existing alert, simply open the alert, click on 'Choose Databases', and select the databases relevant to your strategy:

You can also search for databases by name:

Audit History

The Audit History records any changes occurred to the Alerts from creation. Available only for alerts created in the New Alerts Manager from October 11, 2018.

Reach the Audit History from the Active Alerts List in the Homepage:

Audit History from the homepage

Download the audit History from the Alert page:

Audit download from the Alert page

The log file is an Excel file:

Alert deliver history resend

Alert history - Delivery resend

You can now re-send any completed alert delivery to the original list of recipients or to any new recipients you choose

Access the Delivery History from the Alerts list in the Home page

Delivery History from the Homepage

or from the single Alert editor page

Delivery History accessible from the Alert editor page

Click on the envelope icon next to the delivery you want to resend.

A Resend Alert panel opens. Resend delivery History panel

Where an additional recipient can be added, and/or the existing one deleted.

When completed, click on the Resend button.

Session ending warning

Session ending warning
If you do not log out of your session, your session will remain open for 24 hours and then you will be asked to log in again.
30 minutes (and 5 minutes) before the 24 hours are up you will get a warning so that you can save your work.
Session ending warning