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Syndetics Unbound

What's Included


Catalog Enrichment — Syndetics Unbound includes more than a dozen distinct enrichment elements for your catalog.

Book Display Widgets — Virtual book displays to drive patrons directly into your catalog.

What's New


We're constantly developing and improving Syndetics Unbound. Here's what's new:

  • Cover Upload — upload images to the Syndetics Unbound image repository with an easy drag and drop upload tool. Add an image where one is missing or replace an incorrect or low-quality image. Read more in our blog post here.
  • Audio clips — an addition to Look Inside that includes an audio player that contains a sample sound bite from the audiobook, so that patrons can hear an excerpt. Read more in our blog post here.
  • Librarian Recommends: Lists—a new enrichment in Syndetics Unbound, free to subscribers, that allows librarians to curate lists within the catalog, showcasing topics, genres, staff picks, and more. Lists can also be showcased outside the catalog, on library or catalog homepages. Read more in our blog post here.
  • Display Syndetics Unbound on your search results pages — In addition to displaying on bib detail pages, Syndetics Unbound can also appear in an abbreviated form on search result pages. Read more in our blog post here.
  • Updated Statistics in our Admin site  — Read more in our blog post here.
  • "You May Also Like" updates — now includes recommendations for similar series and similar authors, as well as titles you might enjoy.
  • Mark and Boost Electronic Resources — highlight and promote your electronic resources. Learn how to turn this important feature on here.
  • Make sure your staff and patrons know about Syndetics Unbound with this video.
  • "Get This Widget" — Copy widgets from this LibGuide into your Syndetics Unbound Admin account, to use on your library's website.
  • Multi-language support — Interface available in 22 languages, and will switch accordingly when patrons select their language on your catalog.
  • Easy Holdings — ProQuest keeps a 4-month record of the covers your library has needed; by extracting the ISBNs from this, we can build up a highly accurate list of your library's holdings, without any effort on your part.
  • For more high-quality bibliographic data, visit Bowker Book Data.

Featured Book Display Widget


Visit the Book Display Widgets page for more widgets to inspire you.

Click "Get This Widget" to clone a widget into your Syndetics Unbound Admin account. Then use it on your library's website!

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