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Trends and Policy Help Guide: Basic Search/Home

Basic Search/Home page

Basic Search allows you to create search across all documents in Trends & Policy.

Or, select a tab to target your search to a specific type of document:

  • Statistics and Data - statistical tables 
  • Topic Pages - editorially-created pages give context, content and pathways into researching a topic
  • Government Materials - Public Laws, Hearings, CRS Reports, GAO Reports, Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations, Commission Reports and more
  • Newspapers - historic and contemporary news articles


In the bottom section of the page are some other useful starting places, including Popular Topics.  Popular Topics provides access to featured Topic Pages.


Building a Search

Building your search query

Enter search terms in the box.  You can enter simple keywords, or use more advanced syntax such as phrase searching (in quotations), using connectors such as AND, OR, etc.  If you enter two or more words without using quotations or a connecting operator, an OR will be assumed (e.g. we'll retrieve documents that contain at least one of the terms you've entered).  See Search syntax for more details.