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Trends and Policy Help Guide: Statistics and Data Search

Statistics and Data Search

Use the Statistics and Data search form when you want to search for a statistical table.

You can search for a keyword using the box at the top of the page.


OR, you can further target your search using one or more of the following options.

Date Range

Use to retrieve statistical tables that cover a specific time period, in years.  For instance, in 2020 someone might publish a table that covers statistics from 2010 through 2019.   2010 through 2019 is the date covered, which will be searched using this Date option.  2020 is the Date published, which is the date searched by the date limiter on the Advanced search form.   

Note that some of the tables cover fiscal years rather than calendar years.



Agency/Issuing Source

Use to locate statistical tables from a specific federal agency or issuing source.  A picklist of agencies and their parent departments are provided.  

Note: the list includes historic agencies as well as current agencies.




Locate tables covering specific countries and regions individuals were born in or migrated from, as well as the locations where they settled in the United States.



Locate tables that convey statistics related to specific demographics, such as Age, Marital Status, Sex, and more.


Immigrant/Visa Type

Locate tables covering statistics related to those with or seeking specific immigrant status types, such as asylum, lawful permanent resident, etc. 

Alternatively, you can locate tables with statistics related to those holding or seeking different types of visas, including employment based visas, family based visas, and more.