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Trends and Policy Help Guide: Topic Pages

What are Topic Pages?

Topic Pages provide high level overviews of U.S. Immigration-related Concepts, Events, Laws and Executive Orders, as well as countries and regions whose citizens migrate to the U.S.

You can use Topic Pages as a starting place for your research.


Each Topic Page includes a high level overview to help you begin your research. 



Sources used to author the overview are cited below the summary.


Featured Events

Each Topic Page includes a number of Featured Events relevant to that topic, along with the starting date for that event.


Click on the Further Reading to view a document that provides more information and context regarding that event.  Note that the further reading document may not have been published at the time the event occurred, but will provide relevant information.

Related Documents

Below Featured Events, our editorial team has provided a set of recommended documents pertinent to that topic.  Recommended documents are arranged by type, including one or more of the following:

  • Statistics and Data
  • Public Laws and Executive Orders
  • Reports and Other Government Materials
  • Press Releases


If additional relevant items are available, a View more button will be present.  Click View more to run a search.