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Visual History Archive

The Visual History Archive (VHA) is a streaming collection of primary source video testimonies from survivors of and witnesses to genocide, including the: 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda; Anti-Rohingya Mass Violence (August-October 2017); Armenian Genocide (1915-23); Cambodian Genocide (1975-1979); European Holocaust (1939-1945); Guatemalan Genocide (1978-1996); Nanjing Massacre (1937); Central African Republic (2012-Present); South Sudan Civil War, (2013-present); contemporary antisemitism against Jews; and war and genocide in Bosnia & Herzegovina (1992-1995). The largest digital archive of its kind in the world, the VHA offers insight into life before, during, and after the interviewee’s experience with genocide.

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What's New in VHA


User Interface Snapshots


5 min videos covering the updates and new features of the newly designed USC Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive

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