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(Every Voice) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Purpose of this Guide?

This guide provides educational resources and support from ProQuest about anti-racism.  This guide is by no means an exhaustive list and is in current development and does it capture all of the many facets of the larger conversations happening right now in our communities.  

What is Anti-Racism?

Anti-racism is an active way of seeing and being in the world, in order to transform it. Because racism occurs at all levels and spheres of society and can function to produce and maintain exclusionary “levels” and “spheres,” anti-racism education/activism is necessary in all aspects of society. It does not happen exclusively in the workplace, in the classroom, or in selected aspects of our lives. Anti-racism theory analyzes/critiques racism and how it operates, which provides us with a basis for taking action to dismantle and eliminate it (Henry & Tator, 2006; Kivel, 1996).

Webinar Recordings


This session focuses on navigation of the eLibrary platform to locate Black History content and using research topic pages for teaching Black History. Duration: 28 minutes.

This session concentrates on Sally Hemings, once an enslaved woman owned by Thomas Jefferson, and uses Black Historical newspapers to investigate her story.- Duration: 30 Minutes

Recent civil rights research into local movements reveal that civil rights activism was national in scope. This webinar recording explores primary sources from ProQuest Black Historical Newspapers and ProQuest History Vault from and about these community-oriented movements. Duration: 30 minutes



The following bibliographies provide recommendations to sources available on a variety of platforms. 

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