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Editorial Process

eLibrary editors have many years of database searching experience and a deep knowledge of the content available in the product. Additionally, the editors have extensive familiarity with the curriculum standards used across the United States and Canada.


When we select documents for our Research Topics, we try to provide broad overviews of the topics from reference works. In-depth articles and graphics then help students to understand each topic in a wider context, and to develop the vocabulary required for further research.


We also strive to make the page visually engaging, and offer up-to-date information. We take care to offer the variety of source types that students often require to complete their assignments.


The process involves the editor conducting several advanced searches to find the content that best meets these goals. Editors then lay the page out, arranging the documents and graphics along thematic lines that suit the topic. After quality review by another editor, the page is published.


After publishing, pages are periodically reviewed to see if they can be refreshed with more current information or new content that eLibrary has acquired. The Research Topics page should offer a long-range view of their subjects, and are not updated daily like a newswire service. However, we do have internal processes that help us stay alert to new developments that the pages may need to address. We prioritize some pages over others for more frequent review, since there will be some topics which are more dynamic than others.