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ETD Dashboard

What is ETD Dashboard?

ETD Dashboard provides usage insights of an institution's electronic theses and dissertations, imparting information illustrating the impact of an institution's research globally through ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) Global.

ETD Dashboard features

  • Historical Retrieval Trends
  • Top Subjects
  • Top Retrievals
  • Retrievals by Country
  • Retrievals by Any University
  • Retrievals Benchmarking

ETD Dashboard is also part of ETD Administrator – Electronic Submissions.

For more information about data presentation in the ETD Dashboard, navigate to the Data page. 

For general information about ETD Dashboard, click here.  

Dashboard Access Details

Does your institution use the ProQuest ETD Administrator?  If so, your ETD Administrator admins already have access to the Dashboard and you may contact them to arrange your own access locally.  If your institution does not utilize ProQuest ETD Administrator, you may go to the ETD Dashboard page to request access.

E-Learning Videos

This video session introduces the ETD Dashboard and each of its tools, and discusses ways it may be applied by an academic institution.  Duration 7 minutes 24 seconds.

Powerpoint Presentations