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OASIS & Rialto Services: OASIS Holdings Matching

Check the tabs below for information and setup options on Cataloging, Processing, Ebook/Publisher Direct Setup, and OASIS Holdings Matching services

OASIS Duplication Prevention

ProQuest provides comprehensive deduplication controls:

  • Send holding loads as frequently as possible and free of cost to assist with duplication control 
  • OASIS supports Catalog Check Open URL links to library catalogs for automatic batch deduplication 
  • Z39.50 configuration is possible
  • In OASIS, users are warned of possible duplications by visual "Check Status" notifications, which indicate actions taken against or indicate the current status of a title
  • All orders placed through OASIS or included in holdings loads are flagged in our internal system, prompting our customer service staff to query the library whether or not these orders are intentional added copies or replacement orders.

Holdings Loads

ProQuest accepts local holdings files from OASIS customers which allows us to check incoming orders and approvals selections for duplications.  This also allows us to show customer holdings on OASIS.  The process is ISBN-driven: we match valid ISBNs and EANs.  Title/author matching is not completed - even from full MARC records. MARC records without valid ISBNs or EANs are not processed.

More complete information is below.

If you are interested in setting this up, please contact

Open URL

OASIS offers an OpenURL link three different bibliographic fields to enable title, author and ISBN based searches of local resources, such as OPACs.  It is very important to note that the success of these local searches will depend on the OpenURL configuration a library has established in OASIS Administration, and upon the nature of the targets it points to.

This is a feature set up by the OASIS Admin at the library and requires knowledge of how to obtain the Open URL.  ProQuest provides limited support for this:  we can show you where in the Admin tools this is.  Basic instructions are below.


OASIS Z39.50 compliant web interface allows remote searching capabilities with the ability to automatically merge bibliographic records into the library database in real time, creating significant workflow efficiencies and eliminating duplication of data entry.  Libraries will realize significant efficiencies by eliminating a p-order search function and enabling staff to download a virtually complete bibliographic and order record in moments. Moreover, the library does not have to access the OASIS database to download records or upload files; the entire process is run automatically from within the library's LMS.

This requires a Z39.50 server and technical knowledge and support from within the library itself.  ProQuest does not provide support with this.  Basic instructions are below.