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OASIS & Rialto Services: Processing Setup Form

Check the tabs below for information and setup options on Cataloging, Processing, Ebook/Publisher Direct Setup, and OASIS Holdings Matching services

Processing Form Link & Information

ProQuest's Processing Service provides a full range of options for all materials.  All processing is carefully done according to your specifications. 

Processing of books can include any of the following:  barcodes, barcode protectors, book plates, book pockets, date due slips, three part labels, spine labels, spine label protectors, stamping, tattle tape or RFID tags as well as programming. For outer covering of material, we can provide Mylar, Kapco and Kapco Easy Bind reinforcement (spine tape).  We also laminate (heat process) dust jackets.  For any services not listed, please ask as we may be able to accommodate.

After your processing profile form has been received, we will enter the information and send the results back to you for your final approval.  

All items will be physically processed to the approved profile and are non-returnable once completed. 

Depending on the amount of processing necessary, allow 3-7 additional days beyond expected delivery time. 

Processing Form Link Instructions

The Processing Form (here) has many options depending on what type of book processing your library needs.

  • Most of the questions are multiple choice and some offer the chance for including your own information in a short text box.  
  • If the choices are radio buttons (circles), it is a unilateral choice.  Only one option can be selected.
  • If the choices are check boxes, you may select more than one option.

It is suggested you complete the form in one session although there is an option at various sections in the form to Save and Resume.  This feature works by sending you a weblink by email that you will need to access to complete the form later.  

NOTE:  Any files you upload will NOT stay attached during a save, so you will want to upload them immediately before submitting.

Where to send supplies

ProQuest LLC

Attn: Alan Branson MS# 785

7309 Innovation Blvd.

Ft. Wayne, IN 46818

Processing Form Sections

Each section will first ask if you want a particular processing service.  If you do not, the rest of the prompts will not be available making the form as brief or in-depth as you need it.  Most of the choices are outlined below:
  • Do you supply or do we?
  • If, ProQuest, provide a scanned file of a few of your barcodes
  • Start and end numbers
  • Where do you want the barcodes? (A grid of choices is provided)
  • Can the barcode cover the text?
  • Is barcode required in MARC record?
  • Do you want barcode protectors?
Spine Labels
  • Source of bibliographic data—ProQuest Cataloging or OCLC?
  • Where to place label? (Choices provided)
  • Options for alternate placement if all text not visible on spine or spiral label
  • Do you want spine label protectors?
  • Size of labels? (Small or large, sizes provided)
Bibliographic Label
  • Where to place?
  • Color of ink?
  • Where to stamp?
Security (Tattletape)
  • Who provides strips—ProQuest or you?
  • Where to place in hardcover and softcover books?
  • Do you want strips for CDs or DVDs?
Security (RFID)
  • Who provides tags—ProQuest or you?
  • Theft only or programmed?
  • If programmed, provide details and uploaded examples.
Due Date Slips
  • Who provides—ProQuest or you?
  • Location of slips?
  • Full or partial adhesive?
Book Pockets
  • Location of book pockets?
Covering and Binding
  • Do you want the dust jacket processed?
  • If so, how—Mylar or laminate?
  • Loose, taped, or glued?
  • What do you want done with the dust jacket if not processed?
  • Do you want Kapco or Kapco Easy Bind for paperbacks?
  • What is to be done with a dust jacket from a paperback?
3rd Party Binding of Paperbacks
  • DigiCover or Monograph?