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Training and Support Resources in Greek Language: Introduction

Οδηγός χρήσης των προϊόντων της ProQuest για τους Έλληνες & Κύπριους πελάτες μας

Πηγές πληφορόρησης της ProQuest για τους Έλληνες και Κύπριους πελάτες μας

Greece national flagCyprus FlagThis LibGuide is an instructional tool on the use of the ProQuest resources
Αυτό το LibGuide αποτελεί εργαλείο καθοδήγησης στη χρήση των προϊόντων της ProQuest

All the product descriptions in the following pages are bilingual

Όλες οι περιγραφές των προϊόντων στις σελίδες που ακολουθούν είναι σε δύο γλώσσες

Contacts at ProQuest

Commercial contact (Greek speaking):
Yannis Gkanatsios

Local Agent rep (Greek speaking):
Maria Paradise   c/o InterOPTICS SA

Ebooks Specialist (English)

Roberta Catania

CRM (invoices, renewals, etc) (English):
Maria De Porcellinis

Training and technical questions (English):
Daniela Cason

Technical support contact  (English)

ProQuest Twitter Feed

Training offering

Public Webinars in English

Select each subject/category to see the related webinars.                                      Click on the link to get more information and register

Training On Demand - if you wish to organize a custom webinar or meeting on specific products/subjects, please contact your trainer: Daniela Cason.

Access to ProQuest Admistrator Module (PAM)

You can access to use the ProQuest Administration Module (PAM) at the url using the administrator login credentials.

If you don't find your administration credentials, please ask them to your contacts at Proquest.

Search Your ProQuest Databases!

Direct access to the Resources

Off Campus access to the various resources requires authentication. Please contact your Library for more information on the remote access options available to you, and for direct access to the Ebooks




Science and Technology

Social Sciences

Reference & Document Management