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Dow Jones Factiva

Building a search

Free Text Search

Using Search Builder (Menu Search/ Search Builder), you can create narrow searches by combining keywords. 

1. Free text search

Type your search terms using boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) or proximity operators. 

2. Examples 

For help and examples on how to use the various commands click on the link of examples

3. Choose the date

You can select a predefined date range or enter specific dates.

4. More Options 

Search for free text terms in:

  • Full Article 
  • Headline and head paragraph
  • Byline

Allows you to select where your terms can be found. 

Exclude: to remove some type of content. 

Dow Jones Intelligent IndexingTM

5. Dow Jones Intelligent IndexingTM

With Search builder you can make full use of Dow Jones Intelligent IndexingTM.

Factiva offers eight indexes which can be used independently or together. Browse

  • Source
  • Author
  • Company
  • Factiva Expert Search
  • Subject
  • Industry
  • Région
  • Language

Just click on a term to select it. You can combine terms with AND, OR (click on the operator to toggle it)  or NOT (double click on term)

Alternatively you can use the search box in Sources, Authors, Companies, Subject,Industries and Regions.  

Guided Search

6. Search form

The search form allows you to use the free text search without having to enter the boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) while still being about to make the most of the the Dow Jones Intelligent IndexingTM.

  • "All of these words": The results will include all of the words entered (replaces AND)
  • "At least one of these words": The results will include one or more of the words entered (replaces OR)
  • "ANone of these words":  The results will exclude all of those words. 
  • "This exact phrase": The results will bring the exact string of character (replaces quotation marks)