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Dow Jones Factiva

Simple Search screen

simple search page


Simple Search steps

Simple search (Click on Home) allows you to get quickly to the content you are after. You can refine your search using various criteria including Sources and Dates. 

1. Type in your search terms

Type in your key terms, then click on search. 

(As you type a dialogue box brings up suggestions for Companies, News subjects, Companies, Executives, Regions and Keywords. Select as needed) 

2. Select Sources     

Click on Options and Sources and use the drop down edit menu to run your search against a spefic type of sources. It could be a group of sources as defined by Factiva or a list put together by your administrator. 

3Specify a date rage

You can extend or narrow the dated range. By default the latest 3 months is selected. 

4. Click on Search

Term suggestion

Factiva simple search