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Dow Jones Factiva

Results Page

Factiva results page

1Results are grouped by content type: "Dow Jones" (Produced by Dow Jones), "All", "Publications" , "Web News", "Blogs" and "Pictures". Click on the link of interest to change from the default "Publications" to other type of content. 

2. Discovery Pane

The discovery pane will be populated with filters, which provide a unique visualization of your results, and which you can use to narrow or refocus your search. 

  • Date: Graphical display of the results in daily increments.
  • Companies: 10 companies most cited.
  • Sources: Top 10 sources.
  • Subjects: 10 most cited subjects.
  • Industries: 10 most relevant industries .
  • Language: 10 most relevant languages.
  • Regions: 10 most cited regions.
  • Executives: 10 most mentionned executives.
  • Authors: Top 10 authors.
  • Keywords: Top Keywords from the top 100 articles. 

3. Sort by :

  • Most recent first
  • Oldest first
  • Relevance

4. Duplicates :

  • Off
  • Identical (default)
  • Similar

5. Display options

  •   Full Articles
  •   Keywords in context
  •   Full Article/Report plus Indexing
  •    Headline, Lead Paragraph, plus Indexing

Changing the Display and Exporting Your Results

Factiva results page

6. Use the arrow to hide/unhide the discovery pane

7. Frame/no frames: Use those icons to toggle between a two or three tier display. 

8. Select the articles you want to export

9. You can choose one of the following options :

  •    View the selected articles
  •    Email 
  •    Print
  •    Save
  •    Save in  RTF format
  •    Save in  PDF format

Click on the question mark to view the Frequently Asked Questions about exporting.