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Factiva: Tips

Search for a Specific Publication

Tip: To retrieve a specific source on a given date (for example a newspaper). 

First select the date range

In the Source index, either browse or search for the source you are interested in and click on the blue arrow next to the source name in order to get the code populated in the search box. 


The following code will appear in the search box: rst=echos 

Click in Search. 

Note:  not all sources are available to Academic accounts.  If you receive 0 results for any given Source search, it is likely that the source is not available to you.

Sources Information

In compliance with publisher agreements, each publication will have a specific coverage range and either all articles, a selection of articles, the entire article or an abstract will be indexed.

To find out which applies to any given source, enter the source name in the index and clic on the (i) icon. A new window will open with the source information. 

Factiva for Academic Institutions

  • 100 saved searches and 5 alerts can be created by you administrator
  • There is no mobile app available at this time, but users can access Factiva via their mobile device and connect to their library website.
  • Company Snapshots are available for academic institutions.