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News @ ProQuest

Topic Overview

Librarians frequently want to ensure that their users are aware of and can easily search the newspapers to which the library subscribes. This page will help ProQuest administrators and anyone posting resources to a library webpage make sure that users know which ProQuest News subscriptions the library has acquired and that they can discover those resources alongside their other content. 

Many of these options require access to the ProQuest Administrator Module (PAM). For more information about the PAM, please see the Administrator Resources on the ProQuest Platform LibGuide.

E-Learning Modules


Creating a customized login makes it easy for users to access a specific group of databases from the ProQuest Platform from a single link. For example, suppose your institution has access to both the ProQuest Historical and ProQuest Recent versions of a specific newspaper. In that case, you can create a custom link combining the two so that users can easily search the entire run of available papers. Similarly, you could create a custom link that leads to all of your ProQuest Historical and Recent Newspapers and encourage your users to search all ProQuest PDF newspapers at once.

Objectives of this session: Create specialized login links to select databases or subjects; Define settings for the custom login URLs. 

Duration: 4 minutes

Another way to highlight specific news publications of specific interest to your users is to create custom links to select publications. For example, if you subscribe to Global Newsstream, you could create a custom link to all publications from your city or region. 

This can also be useful if you have access to different versions of a newspaper from different databases. For example, one of the newspapers included in Global Newsstream is The Globe and Mail. If you subscribe to Global Newsstream and also subscribe to ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe and Mail, you can create a custom link to allow users to search both versions of The Globe and Mail.

Objectives of this session: Create custom links to select publications; Make publication links accessible to searchers. 

Duration: 4.5 minutes