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News @ ProQuest

Topic Overview

Newspapers can be extremely helpful for doing genealogical research. One major example is searching for obituaries of family members, where you can pick up details about their birth and death dates, along with other information about their lives. You can also find out about your relatives' activities in their communities and gain context about what was going on in the world on important days in your family history. 

The resources below share some tips for understanding what ProQuest news content you have access to and how to navigate newspapers in the ProQuest Platform, as well as search tips for finding genealogical information in newspapers. 

Webinar Recordings


In this webinar, you'll learn how to find which newspapers you have access to and understand the difference between page-level and article-level scans. You'll also learn strategies for searching ProQuest Historical Newspapers for genealogical and local history information. Duration: 36 minutes.