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Topic Overview

Incorporating newspapers into your curriculum can have many benefits. It’s a great way to help students understand world events from the perspective of people from other parts of the world or learn about how people experienced historical events while they were happening.

The educational resources on this page provide strategies for searching newspapers and incorporating ProQuest’s news resources into a curriculum. The focus is on the newspaper products hosted on the ProQuest Platform. While each educational resource may focus on a specific publication, you can apply the strategies discussed to any news publication. 

Webinar Recordings


Provides information on incorporating newspapers, specifically the New York Times, into your curriculum. Includes searching and navigation tips and ideas for including news in course assignments. - Duration: 26 Minutes

Using ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Black Newspaper Collection as a basis, this provides a case study of conducting historical research using newspapers. - Duration: 29 Minutes

Powerpoint Presentations