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ProQuest One Academic

In this page we will show the unique search features for ProQuest One Academic. Go to the Platform LibGuide for a complete guide to ProQuest's search and display features.


Choose Source Type

In ProQuest One Academic you can locate videos, books, articles or dissertations and  theses, you just need to use Narrow results by/Filter menu on the left-hand side of the page. From the Source Type menu, you can select any source from the list of available source types or click the More link to display other types of fonts that are part of your current set of results.

After making your source type selection, the results page will now display the chosen source type. If you would like to view more than one source at a time, click the More link and then select to Include or Exclude source types.

Book and Video recommendation

You may also see the Book or Videos recommendation feature from your results page. When you search across ProQuest One Academic, you may see suggestions to Books that match your search or Videos that match your search. This panel will appear to the right-side of the results and will only appear if you have submitted a search that includes the Books and Audio & Video source types. If you used the filters to limit yourself to certain source types such as Scholarly Journals or Newspapers, then these suggestions will not appear.

When you click on a suggested item from Books or Videos that match your search, or directly from the list of integrated results, you will be taken to the document view and from there you can view the books or videos.