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Regulatory Insight Help Files

Regulatory Histories created by ProQuest for enacted Public Laws

This guide contains the product Help files for Regulatory Insight.   Some of the content here may be duplicated on the user guide located here.

What is Regulatory Insight

A law’s been passed.  What happens next?   Regulatory Insight takes you to the next stage. Regulatory Insight provides researchers with workflow solutions to facilitate research tasks associated with administrative law. As a companion to Legislative Insight, Regulatory Insight offers U.S. federal administrative law histories beginning in 1936, organized by federal statute and Executive Order.

Regulatory Insight creates regulatory histories for individual federal statutes and Executive Orders by compiling pertinent Federal Register articles into a research-friendly workspace similar to the workspace provided in Legislative Insight. "Search within" functionality and the ability to limit by content type (e.g. notices, proposed rules, final rules) are available through the filters.

  • The default display is organized by federal agency to facilitate research into the history of agency-specific and sub-agency regulations.  Histories are also sortable by date.
  • The content includes fully searchable PDFs of all Federal Register issues from 1936-present, plus separate PDFs of all FR “articles” with both browse and search options.
  • The content includes fully searchable PDFs of all CFR volumes 1938-present plus separate PDFs of all CFR Titles and Parts, with browse and search options.
  • Regulatory histories also include links to Legislative Insight and Supreme Court Insight.

Product Access



There are several modules in Regulatory Insight:

  • the initial module contains regulatory histories from 1935-2016 
  • the years 2017 and forward is available through a subscription or annual modules.

For those with the current content, the Federal Register is updated in Regulatory Insight within 48 hours.  The information is reviewed and the regulatory histories are updated twice each week.

A third module is also available: Regulatory Insight Guidance and Policy.

The initial module includes updates through 2021 with additional post-2021 content added as part of an update service in a separate module.

Guidance and policy documents inform agency enforcement decisions and steps organizations and consumers need to take to comply with regulations.  We will be compiling the guidance and policy documents into histories organized by agency that will link to the Federal Register rules. Individual guidance and policy docs will also be searchable as a separate content type from the Advanced form, and the user will be able to choose to search them in conjunction with Federal Register documents.

Product Content


We have the following content loaded:

  • Federal Register documents for 1936-present (completely loaded)
  • Code of Federal Regulations : 1938- current.  Please note, the CFR was not published in 1942 and 1948.

Regulatory Histories Included