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Regulatory Insight Help Files

Regulatory Histories created by ProQuest for enacted Public Laws

Search Results

viewing search resultsOn the search results page, you'll notice at the top of the screen there is a search box.   Just above the search box is a link to Modify Search.  Just below the box is a check box so, if checked, any terms you put in the search box will search within the search you just performed.  If the box for Search within results is not checked, the system performs a new search. 

In the right column (the main column) of the search results page, are your search results

Regulatory Histories will appear first in your search results (if your search included Regulatory Histories).   Results order can be changed from relevance to date using the pulldown at the top of this column.

In the left column are several filters.  

At the top left is a date filter.  Users do not have to full in both boxes; a user only have to type in a start date, or end date, to narrow results. 

Below the date is a Content Type filter where users can click on the specific document type.  The link to More Options, just below the document types, allows users to either include or exclude specific document types.

Finally, below the Content Types, is a list of Agencies that are include in the search results.  For example, if a specific Regulatory History includes a rule from the EPA, the EPA will show up as an agency in the listing.