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O’Reilly for Higher Education: Mobile

A guide to all aspects of O’Reilly for Higher Education including content, searching, and viewing results.

The O'Reilly app

Install the App
Install the app called "O'Reilly" from Play Store for Android or Apple Store for iOS. Login to your personal O'Reilly account.

What is the O'Reilly app
The O’Reilly app allows you to take your online learning with you on the go. Download as many books and videos as you would like. Start reading on one device, and pick up where you left off on another, with effortless syncing of highlights and playlists. Discover new content to add to your playlists. The O’Reilly app offers the full breadth of videos and books available with your O’Reilly subscription. O’Reilly interactive trainings such as Learning Paths are supported only through a web browser.

Can I use O'Reilly on my Kindle?
Amazon prevents the installation of third-party applications on its E-reader devices. Due to the nature of our business, we can only distribute content through our own apps—for more or less the same reason that Spotify songs can’t be played in iTunes, for example.

Can I sideload the O´Reilly app onto my Android device or Amazon Tablet?

If your Android device cannot connect to the Google Play store, but otherwise meets the requirements for installation, you can download an APK for sideloading onto your device from this link. Please note that sideloaded apps do not automatically receive updates, so you'll need to keep track of that yourself.

Downloading and accessing content offline
To access content offline you must download on the O´Reilly app. You will find your downloaded items by clicking Downloads on the app menu. You can download books, book sections, videos and video clips. You can keep them for as long as you like.

1) The O´Reilly app and the menu
Click the icon on the top left to see the app menu. You can search the database using Discover. You will have access to your Playlists and Highlights & Notes (automatically synchronized with your other devices). You will find your downloaded items under Downloads. Under Settings you can choose to Download over Wi-Fi only and view content in reader full screen with navigation hidden.

2) Download from search result list
Download from a search result list by clicking the three dots icon, then select Download from the menu.

3) Download from book or video page
Download from a book page or a video page by clicking the red circle icon, then select Download. For videos, you can download video clips from the table of contents of a video.

4) Download book section from playlist
This is how you download book sections: first login to your account on, open a book, go to the table of contents and put a book chapter/section in a Playlist. Please see guide here. Then go to Playlists from the app menu, click the three dots icon for the book section, then select Download from the menu.

1. The O´Reilly app and the menu

2. Download from search result list

3. Download from book or video page

4. Download book section from playlist