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O’Reilly for Higher Education: Topics

A guide to all aspects of O’Reilly for Higher Education including content, searching, and viewing results.


O'Reilly content is organized in Topics.

1) On the left toolbar, expand Explore, then select All Topics. 
2) You can click on topic names (Business, Career Development, Data etc), and drill down (example: Design > Design Process > Design Thinking). 
You can put a word in the search form (no need to click Enter), and you will see a new list of topic names that you can click.
3) You can filter the list of items in a topic by Popularity and Formats.

4) This is a list of the topics you are following. Click the topic name to see the items. Click X for a topic if you would like to unfollow.

Follow topics

1) To find a topic to follow, either write words (for example Operating Systems) in the Topic search form. Or first click System Administration, then Operating Systems.
2) To follow a topic, click the Follow This Topic button.