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O'Reilly for Higher Education and O'Reilly for Public Libraries

What is O´Reilly for Higher Education?

Helping students prepare for today’s job market

According to the World Economic Forum, at least 54% of all employees will require retraining by 2022 to keep their role. This rapid rate of change means that developing employable, transferable skills is a must. O’Reilly for higher education delivers content from experts who understand what it takes to compete in today’s economy, while supporting your school’s key curriculum. O’Reilly empowers graduates to move toward a successful future as soon as the diploma is in hand.

Expertly curated, high-quality content

The savvy O´Reilly editorial team delivers more than 47,000 ebooks, 30.000 hours of videos, and learning experiences—including early release titles and case studies from leading organizations. Believing that multiple perspectives matter, O’Reilly for higher education includes resources from more than 200 of the world’s most respected publishers, including McGraw-Hill, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, HarperCollins, and others. O’Reilly is continuously updated, adding new material to O’Reilly for higher education every day.

New in 2022, O’Reilly also includes Courses. The O’Reilly editorial team has taken the most popular videos and made them easier to discover as curated groups of on-demand courses. Courses are curated to specifically target the most in-demand tech disciplines in order  to help users develop foundational skills and be prepared for the future.

O'Reilly can't be used as a textbook replacement

The overall ProQuest EPLA (license agreement) allows for use of content under the principles of fair use and fair dealing, and those principles would not allow for use of an entire work as a textbook replacement. That said, this product note simply echoes the language in the overall ProQuest EPLA. In order to make O’Reilly for Higher Education (OHE) available, O’Reilly has contractual agreements in place with ~200 different publishers who of course want to make sure that—in licensing their content for use in O’Reilly—they are not jeopardizing sales of their works in their primary channels.

What O’Reilly needs to preclude is the customer using OHE in lieu of assigning a work found within O’Reilly as a main text for a course where students in the course would be expected to purchase the text.

Customers are, however, free to use OHE in the following ways: Use in Course Reserves: provided that such use does not act as a replacement for textbook adoption, the Customer may use OHE for Course Reserves, provided that the content is considered optional or recommended reading. The Customer may also use electronic links from LMS systems to content so students can easily access the material subscribed to by the library.

What is O´Reilly for Public Libraries?

The O’Reilly for Public Libraries subscription includes nearly 44,000 books and 30,000 hours of video in areas such as information technology and software; business; digital media; professional and personal development; and desktop and web applications. Serving the needs of patrons who are working to advance their careers, tune into business and technology trends, or explore new software, this collection--created and curated by O’Reilly--serves the business and technology needs of a wide range of users. Included are hundreds of books and videos for makers, gamers and tinkerers; more than 100 hobbyist titles including STEAM Lab for Kids and The Lego Build-It Book, Volumes 1 & 2; more than 900 books from the “For Dummies” series; and more than 150 titles on job-seeking and career development. O’Reilly’s creation and curation of this content ensures that public library users will have a timely digital research environment featuring material from world-renowned innovators and corporate leaders.