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Expert Playlists introduction

Expert Playlists are lists of O´Reilly content (sections from books, videos, audio books, courses) curated by industry experts to help users explore essential content related to a topic.

Finding Expert Playlists

To access Expert Playlists on the O´Reilly platform, click on the Featured pulldown menu and select Expert Playlists. From here you can browse Expert Playlist in the carrousell or click on See all to filter through the full list of Expert Playlists. For example, users can filter Expert Playlists by topics such as Software Development, Security and Artificial Intelligence.

O'Reilly for Higher Education users, can also look  at their organization's playlists.  

To follow an Expert Playlist, click on the Follow button. It will be added to your personal playlist page.

You can also share a link to the Expert Playlist with other users and duplicate it to create your own playlist.