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O’Reilly for Higher Education: Expert Playlists

A guide to all aspects of O’Reilly for Higher Education including content, searching, and viewing results.

Expert Playlists

Expert Playlists are lists of O´Reilly content (books, videos) handpicked and put together by industry experts. 

There are several ways to find Expert Playlists on the O´Reilly platform. You can browse Playlist by topics. You can search the database, on the result list use the Formats drop down menu, select Expert and then click Select Formats.

You will also find them on the 1) Home Page and the main toolbar


Expert Playlists are the same type of playlist you can create yourself. You can follow an Expert Playlist by clicking the 2) Follow button, and it will be put on your personal Playlist page together with your other Playlists.