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O'Reilly for Higher Education and O'Reilly for Public Libraries

Audio books introduction

O´Reilly for Higher Education and O'Reilly for Public Libraries contain audio books in technology and business from publishers such as O`Reilly, Harvard Business Review/Ascent Audio and McGraw-Hill.

Finding audio books

There are several ways to find audio books on the O´Reilly platform. On the Home Page, you can browse Recommended for you, Recently Added and Most popular titles. You can also perform a keyword search or browse audio books by topics

Audio book Information Page

On the audio book information page you will find:

  • Links to search other items by these authors, publishers or about these topics.
  • Click START or CONTINUE to listen to the audio book.
  • Table of contents. When listening to a chapter, you will be auto-advanced to the next clip. For each chapter, there will be a progress bar and a checkmark when completed. 
  • An audio book description. For select titles, there will also be resources such as links to the publisher’s website and access to supplemental content.

Audio book player page

On the audio book player page you will find:

  • The progress bar (on top of the screen).
  • The audio book player controls. You can skip forward or backward, and change speed.
  • On the menu to the right you will find Table of Contents.
  • OHE users can also add the audio book to a Playlist.