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O'Reilly for Higher Education and O'Reilly for Public Libraries

Books introduction

O´Reilly for Higher Education and O´Reilly for Public Libraries contains books in technology and business from publishers such as Adobe, Cisco, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft, O´Reilly, Pearson and Wiley.

O'Reilly has been publishing in technology and business for more than 40 years and its proprietary content is the core of these resources. Beyond their proprietary content, O'Reilly partners with approximately 200 other content publishers to bring together the best of technology and business information.

Finding books

There are several ways to find books on the O´Reilly platform. On the Home Page, you can conduct a keyword search or browse books by topic. From there, you can filter results lists by publisher, updates and more.

Also, from the home page, you can browse titles that are Recommended for you, Recently added and Most popular. 



Book Information Page

On the Book information page you will find:

  • Links to search other items by these authors, publishers or topics.
  • Time to Complete. To provide an estimate of how much time it will take to finish a book, we multiply the number of pages times the number of minutes it takes an average person to read a single page.
  • Click START or CONTINUE to read the book
  • Table of contents. Users can pin the Table of contents in place while they browse a book. 
  • A book description. Select titles also have resources such as links to the publisher’s website and access to supplemental content.


Book reader page

On the menu to the right you can:

  • Use Table of contents.
  • Search inside this book.
  • Change font size, color mode and reader width.
  • For printing, please use the printing features of your browser.
  • You can also copy/paste into another external document and print from there.

OHE users can also:

  • Copy text, add highlights and notes. Just put your mouse on top of the highlighted text snippet to edit. You will find all your annotated books on the Highlights page.
  • Add book chapter to a Playlist.